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Get the Protection You Need for Less: How it Works

Get everything you need to know about comparing rates and saving on a policy here. We'll explain what we do and how the process works.

About Us

We are a free referral service that helps match our customers with top-tier insurers that can offer cheap insurance rates. Our company is not an insurance company, and we do not have policies to sell. Thus, you can trust that our information is more accurate and unbiased than that of competitors' websites. Additionally, we have an advantage over similar sites because we do not just offer you one quote. Instead, we offer you a minimum of four free estimates on policies. You will get at least four quotes on cheap insurance rates from some of the most respected insurers in the industry. Here are some of the advantages of using our site to find cheap insurance rates:

  • Insurers compete for your business
  • No obligation
  • Free sign-up form
  • Option to save quotes for later
  • Get cheap insurance rates on home, auto, life, and health insurance
  • See up to five quotes in a matter of minutes
  • Quotes presented in easy-to-understand terms

The Process Explained

Signing up to receive discount price estimates on our website is simple and quick. Here is how the process works:

  1. Complete our online form. We will first need to get some contact information from you, so take a few minutes to fill out our short, online form. The sign-up form is completely free and comes with no obligation.
  2. We instantly provide you with free quotes. Once we receive your information, we will immediately give you up to five free quotes on plans from various insurers.
  3. Compare your pricing. We present your estimates to you in an easy-to-compare, user-friendly format to make your decision as easy as possible. You will be able to compare coverage, premiums, and terms of policies quickly and conveniently.
  4. Apply for the plan of your choice or save your quotes for later. If you see a policy among the options that meets your needs, you can apply for the policy with the insurer that offers it. Alternatively, you can save your pricing information to review later. Check out our types of policies page for more information.
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